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Security Reports

7/5/2017 Update: I quickly heard back from Fortinet after reaching out to them the second time and they removed my site from their blacklist. Assuming is anything to go by, that would mean this site should no longer be included on any major blacklists. Just in case it still is, I will keep this page up.

7/1/2018 Update: According to, two security vendors, BitDefender and Fortinet were marking my site as malicous. I contacted both vendors regarding this issue and I'm happy to report BitDefender has removed my site from their blacklist. They have been very helpful and communicative regarding this. I have not heard back from Fortinet so I will keep contacting them until I do.

I've received a number of complaints from visitors that say their security software has marked this site as unsafe. If your firewall or security software issues a security warning about this site, please keep in mind that these reports are all bogus. While this site did at one time host live, password-protected malware samples for testing purposes only, that section has long since been removed but some security programs still fail to perform proper due diligence and continue to mark this site as unsafe.

Reports of security issues and other problems are encouraged, and I will respond to them to address any concerns you have. There are no active or rich internet applications running on this site. Everything is basic HTML, CSS and some simple JavaScript.

Thank you.

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