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Perry O'Neil Sets For Download

**September 2016 Update!** It appears Perry O'Neil is back to releasing new tracks again! In August, he released two tracks titled "The Secret" (YouTube Link) and "Afterwards" (YouTube Link). If you enjoy those tracks and wish to support his work, I recommend you purchase them and hopefully he will continue to produce more tunes for us in the future! Enjoy!

Below are various mixes from Perry O'Neil's Electronic Elements radio show and some various shows he was featured on. If you have any that are not on this list, please me. I'm very interested in archiving as many of these as possible!

Tracklists for Electronic Elements 1-33 can be found here.

If you're interested, you may download a ZIP compilation (3.5 GB) of all of the files below or a PDF of the tracklists.

* Perry O'Neil's mix doesn't start until the halfway mark of the entire set.

Unreleased Tracks

In 2012, Perry O'Neil uploaded a number of unreleased tracks and unfinished clips to his SoundCloud page. He took these down for unknown reasons (most likely due to SoundCloud's limits) however I saved all of these and uploaded them here. I believe a clip or two are missing. When I have more time, I will look through my archives to see if I can find them.



Thanks to the various submitters of these sets! I'd especially like to thank the members at the TranceAddict forums for all of your help. Good Progressive Trance/House like this isn't easy to come by and it's nice to listen to these! This list is far from complete, so just know that you're more than welcome to contribute.

If your connection to this server is slow and/or unreliable and the download times are too long, please contact me and we can figure out an alternative method.

Mirroring of these files is encouraged!

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