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Computers -- Distributed computing project that involves cracking RC5 encryption and finding optimal Golomb rulers.

Is my port open? -- Site that allows you to check for an open port on any IP.

theZoo malware DB -- Great live malware repository for testing.

FireRTC -- Free online phone that allows you to spoof any number when calling. A great tool for scambaiting, and they encourage you to do so!

BOINC -- An amazing free utility that allows you to use your computer to perform various types of scientific research.

CIS Center for Internet Security -- Latest security news, hardening guides and more!

Quad9 DNS -- Intelligent, secure DNS service.

4Sysops -- Lots of great guides on configuring and troubleshooting Windows servers, group policy, Active Directory and more.

Spiceworks Community -- Great site for troubleshooting systems and networks.

Gibson Research Corporation -- Steve Gibson's site, lots of great utilities including ShieldsUP!, port information, and the Security Now podcast.

QEMU Advent Calandar -- Around Christmas time, you get a new disk image every day!

Source Code in TV and Films -- Computer code in TV and films and what it really is.

Netcraft -- Internet related research including webserver reports.

SS64 -- Amazing reference guide for a number of scripting languages.

RamNode -- Affordable VPS hosting that provides Linux and Windows options.

ANY.RUN -- Online live malware testing sandbox -- One of the more accurate tools to gather information about an IP.

Personal Sites

GreyGhost - William's Personal Server


MrMaguire's Website

Richard Stallman's Personal Site

Misc. -- Search engine for Web 1.0 sites.

Soulseek -- Great tool for finding rare music. -- Information and community regarding military rations of the past, present and worldwide. -- Great site that includes information on the K Ration, a military ration widely consumed by American soldiers during WWII. -- Scammer phone number database, great for scambaiting.

Bad Numbers -- Another good site for finding scammer numbers.

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