After a long absence from the CTG Music Community, I have decided to return again! I was looking through an old pile of CDs I had lying around in a corner somewhere. Of that pile, I found an old June 2004 CTG Trance Mix CD. Since the mirrors to the CTG mixes were dead, I decided to upload that file to my FTP server and tell everyone on the forum about it! This brought on ideas by the community!

Soon after, a fellow member NapuZ, had posted a topic about requesting members to upload the lost CTG mixes so he could upload them to YouTube for the sake of preservation and interest. I decided to join in! Although I couldn't contribute more than the June 2004 mix at the moment, I decided to offer an FTP server that members could upload there findings to. Two other fellow members, Atlantis and AmBeam, had brought a bunch of mixes to us! Many thanks to them!

However, our goal was not yet reached. The goal was to get EVERY mix. I figured it was my turn to play a role in reviving these mixes. NapuZ had posted a lengthy list containing mixes he needed so could upload these to YouTube. Using his provided list, I went through each missing mix and referred to the mixers' artist pages to find their emails because a lot of the users were inactive. I contacted many of them and most of them were able to retrieve and upload them to my FTP.

My FTP is currently up and running, but the links on the CTG Mixes page are still dead! That brings us to what this site is about. To provide efficiency in hosting these mixes, I have decided to setup an HTTP server containing these mixes along with whatever else members want to upload!