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I started this site in 2011 when I had an older Dell PowerEdge server laying around that needed something to do. I decided I wanted to finally learn how to use Linux and how to get a webserver up and running. That's where the idea of this site came from.

Since then, I've kept it running mainly as a site for myself so I can have a space to do whatever I want with it such as testing simple JavaScript applications, writing notes, archiving files, etc. Although this site doesn't really have an intended audience, I hope you find something of use here.

I began writing these pages in Kompozer when I wasn't too comfortable with HTML and CSS. These days, I feel pretty comfortable with it so I just edit everything using nano. I have nothing against other editors, but nano is what I learned first so I feel most comfortable with that.

This server is currently running on an OpenVZ container at RamNode. It has a 2 core CPU, 2 GB RAM and a 60 GB disk. So far, it's been more that enough for what I do here.

Why the name "Cyanghost"? When I was 15, I thought it sounded cool. ;) I wanted a unique hostname for the server, so that's what I came up with and it has stuck since!

Redistribution of anything on this server is permitted and you don't need to ask.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. please feel free to contact me via email at sean [at] cyanghost [dot] com and I will respond to you.

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