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Perry O'Neil Sets

Old CTG Music Track Archive - Mirrored from obScene's collection of music from CTG Music.

CTG Music CDN (Hasn't been updated since 2012, but the mixes are still available for download.)

Pictures of a trip I took to Venice, Salzburg and Munich 2014

How to Run Multiple Instances of Joint Operations on the Same Server - A little guide I put together for the Joint Ops game.

Crosley Executive Portable Turntable Review - Review of a cheap record player I did back in 2014. I think Vwestlife did a better job at reviewing a similar version of it.

Mandrake 7.0 Download

HooToo HT-PC002 USB 3.0 Card Driver

PowerShell Notes


New Webserver

phpBB URL-to-Hyperlink Generator - Allows phpBB forum users to quickly generate a URL with a name.

Scripts - Some scripts for various uses.

Lenny M. Services


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Minecraft Creative: ""
Minecraft Survival: ""
Minecraft 1.7.9 Creative (Bukkit Mod): ""
COD4 Free-For-All: ""
Joint Ops Server Names: "Monsoon Reloaded", "Orange Bowl Reloaded" and "Stock Co-Op Maps"

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email: sean [at] cyanghost [dot] com


This server donates its resources to Rosetta@home to help scientists find cures for major diseases such as HIV, Malaria, Cancer and Alzheimer's. Download BOINC to put your computer's idle time to great use!